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Effective August 31st, 2010 GWRRA Chapter E3 is no longer.  Our small chapter has decided  to separate from the Gold Wing Road Riders Association to form our own motorcycle club.  For years GWRRA was a good organization that focused not only on the social aspect of motorcycling but safety as well.  Over the years the organization has gradually shifted its focus away from social activities to be more safety oriented.  Although we firmly believe in riding safely our members feel that the club should be more socially oriented.  So we have decided to break away from GWRRA and form our on motorcycle club, The Big Bend Wings.

So effective September 1st, 2010 the Big Bend Wings was formed.  We plan to continue the social aspect of the GWRRA chapter life as well as keep the officer structure.  Rex and Kathy Cumings became the first chapter directors of our new organization.  Our officers will serve one year terms, with the sitting chapter directors selecting the assistant chapter directors and staff which will succeed them the following year.

We look forward to a great future and we invite you to join us.  Our club meets the 4th Friday of each month at McClure's Restaurant in Pomeroy, Ohio at 7:00 PM.  We don't care what you ride, join us for one of our rides or our next gathering.
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